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Our company ACCURETTA TRADE is a team of individuals with international experience in investments, projects’ management, and coordination of advanced intercontinental trade & logistics.

As a result, there are over 20 experts in ACCURETTA’s team and another 20 are external specialists.

We are supported by partners from India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, North Africa, United States, Canada, Australia and many European countries. We rely on the developed relationships and on the recommendations of our clients from around the world.


experts in ACCURETTA


20 are external specialists

If the respect for other peope is the fundation of a project, then such a project is the fundation of success

Our mission is to have a real impact on trade and investment relationships between Central Europe and other countries and continents.

We have noticed that companies from Central Europe treat foreign markets, especially Africa and Middle East region, as difficult, inaccessible, and reserved for postcolonial powers only.

We implement and coordinate projects that promote new quality of products and services on distant markets, but in a manner that is safe for our Clients and controlled in terms of logistics and finance.

Our mission is also to initiate and coordinate new business relationships between entities that would never meet under regular market conditions. We work with Israelian and Arab experts, Russian, American, and Ukrainian businessmen, many nationalities and regions as people are the most important for us.

Our general business principles

In our regular activities, we are guided by the principles of confidentiality, reliability, and punctuality. We are looking for solutions that assimilate our activities with the requirements and expectations of the local market in each part of the world, but we always operate legally and transparently.

We place our trust in our experts. We always share our success with our employees and partners, and we invest our profits primarily in resources and tools that improve the efficiency and quality of work. We work with governments and corporations, but we promote business as an opportunity for all size and kind of entrepreneurs. We support investments, global trade and infrastructure projects providing services, tools, and resources. Everything is based on efficiency, trust, transparency, and a good plan and flexible approach. In the result we always provide what our Clients need and expect, at the time we have promised.

The begining

The structure was established in 2010. The years 2010 and 2011 were filled with several trade and investment projects in Turkey, India, Sri Lanka and Ukraine, where the founder of ACCURETTA, on behalf of his principals and investors incorporated the set of companies and started to manage the new trade projects. Towards the end of the year 2012 and in the beginning of 2013, the group of experts who now form ACCURETTA TRADE company, concluded support for large commercial projects of coal, crude oil-derived products and biomass trade. At the same time the cooperation with countries of North and Central Africa was initiated.

Started from 2013 ACCURETTA TRADE company, was contracted as a renewable energy expert for Norwegian investors, providing comprehensive services for establishing a biomass supply chain for 2 power plants in Poland 50MW each. The task was to secure raw materials sources, establishing biomass distribution channels and supervising the implementation of all the solutions including logistics and trade.

Beginning of 2014 was the time when the founder of ACCURETTA company became President of the Board of Lublin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which made it possible to acquire new business relationships and to start cooperation with new customers in the Middle East Africa.

Between 2014 and 2020, the company developed, creating new relationships, gaining new experience and customers all over the world. The period of 2020-2030 is the implementation time of new projects that have been prepared for a long time, it is also the time for expansion, especially in Africa and the Middle East.

Creating long-term business for the future

We operate a commercial company, and our goal is to generate a profit for our investors, but we primarily care about long-term projects and sustainable development in a transparent and fair manner.

The company’s goal is also to acquire assets and move from consulting projects to investment projects in which ACCURETTA not only provides services but is also a partner or shareholder. In the result since 2017, ACCURETTA TRADE incorporated many new subsidiaries and brands dedicated for flagship projects.

The long-term goal is to invest in infrastructure, manage a portfolio of own properties and build a technologically advanced headquarters in Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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