Trade & logistics

After several years of activity and many successful trade operations, the perspective of servicing big commercial projects for our clients have opened. We conduct these types of operations only on behalf of our proven and well-known clients who expect an individual approach and hybrid solutions, where trade, logistics and investment are combined into one project. Such solutions are dedicated to many markets at the same time and sometimes they start as a commercial project but evaluate into a serious investment.

In addition our trade & logistics projects are accompanied by numerous ownership changes, side-investments, capital-injections, acquisitions or strategic organizational changes during the operations. At the same time we cannot forget that the target of each trade projects is that the project should work and bring the intended profits. In our history, we managed to handle many of such trade and logistics projects, which was a big challenge, but also an adventure in which the most important goal was to meet customer’s requirements, respond to unexpected market’s changes and, above all, take care of the profitability of the project.

Our structure and knowledge is based on experience gained in projects supporting NATURAL RESOURCES TRADE. For many years, we have gained competences by handling the trade in coal, gas, and petroleum fuels projects, where logistics is an indispensable part of the purchase and sale process. The complex set of advanced trade services is supplemented with financial products and analyzes, insurance services, plans and strategies.

The projects from the NATURAL RESOURCE TRADING package have taught us to care for details and make quick but based on reliable assumptions decisions. We have learned responsibility and work on both spot market and long-term projects, whose value often exceeds $ 100 million in individual batches.

Our areas of activity in oil trade & logistics sector

Storage is our advantage

Years of supervision over many commercial natural resources trade projects have proved to us that effective trade must accompanies with many other operations. Logistics and storage is a priority, without which it is not possible to effectively and safely deliver any goods, especially natural raw materials.

We work with many partners in GCC, Israel and Europe from whom we rent the crude oil storages which we use to keep and blend our products.

Development is our mission

We work for the largest international Clients, responsible for the regular development of their commercial natural resources’ projects. Our job is to establish and maintain the business relationships with their suppliers and buyers, while providing the highest quality services, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our best experts.

All services we provide must be always supported by the newest technology solutions. 
Is saves time and money and increase the profits for our clients which is the our priority.

Shipping is a part of us

Maritime, road, rail, air transport or sometimes a mix of dedicated logistics solutions are for us nothing but regular operations accompanying our commercial trading activities.

We prefer to manage the comprehensive trade solutions by controlling every stage of each transaction and the shipping is an important part of it. Controlling the shipping is controlling the profit.