Renewable energy

Polish power generation and transmission sectors are in a catastrophic condition, the country is dependent on the import of expensive raw materials (coal, gas, crude oil). The increasingly warmer summer periods in our latitude and unstable political situation in the East lead to extremally high electricity prices in our country and all EU members. Green energy is not only a modern slogan for today but a necessary solution to prevent blackouts and economy destabilization. Renewable energy has become so popular and attractive that large international corporations such as Amazon and Mercedes-Benz make their investments in Poland and other countries dependent on direct access to such energy.

ACCURETTA TRADE operates on the European, GCC, and African and Asian markets, leading more and more projects in the renewable energy segment, which is why in 2021 a decision was made to incorporate a related company that will only deal with green energy projects and investment – ACCURETTA GREEN.

The greatest value of the company is that it does not need any time-consuming and cost-intensive preparations to start the appropriate activities, as such activities have already been implemented and started in ACCURETTA group many years ago. ACCURETTA GREEN has at its disposal appropriate, proven, trusted and an experienced team in Lublin, Warsaw and Western Poland. We also have appropriate technological and infrastructure partners, verified legal, scientific, and engineering support, well-known advisers, that is necessary for the implementation of photovoltaic, biogas and EfW projects in the most professional way.

We work for English, Swiss, German, and Scandinavian clients from renewable sector. Please visit our dedicated ACCURETTA GREEN website to know more about this subsidiary in our structure.