Investments support

In close cooperation with our international partners, we participate in servicing large investment projects. After many years of effective service to our top customers, trust has emerged, as a result of which we have been recommended to other companies, which in turn have recommended us to their shareholders, investors and the funds they work with. Thanks to this, over time we have gained the access to significant financial resources, which we skillfully use for subsequent activities and in the implementation of subsequent projects, as brokers, specialists, advisers or in some cases as partners and co-investors.

Cooperation with funds and investors is very formal and in many cases, we use the support and advises of external specialized companies ourselves to meet all expectations of the financing entity and thus focus on what we can do best, i.e. on the implementation of the investment which we have presented and for the results of which we are responsible.

The investors’ expectations also forced us to acquire new competences in the field of financial engineering, planning, reporting and settlement of results. Experience we have has allowed us to reach a level up and start cooperation with other more demanding funds, which is one of our priorities in the current decade.

For several years, we have been serving foreign investors from Norway, the United States, Germany, India, KSA and Africa, who believed in the potential of Central Europe and decided to invest in real estate, renewable energy, and production. Such Clients require comprehensive service, from legal and accounting services through establishing relationships with the national government, local government, relevant local partners, and final clients.

Each project is very individual, requires building a dedicated team, specific skills from its members and industry knowledge. We have experience in several projects of this type, where the team has been providing its services to the client for several years, from the moment of investment planning through its implementation and development up to maintenance package of services.

We specialize in the energy investments, especially in the renewable energy sector, agricultural production, production and distribution of machines, and innovative projects, especially from the automotive and new-technology segment. For that kind of projects, we are always ready to analyze, join and provide the funding.