Art collection in partnership with CEG Ltd.

Our company is not only a business, but also the passions of our shareholders, managers and experts employed which we express in the form of various investments. We invest not only in technology, sea voyages, aviation, real estate, but also in art. We invest in art together with our partners, shareholders, investors and SPVs dedicated for various activates.

At the turn of the last few years, we have created a collection consisting of sculptures by Salvarod Dali, Tomasz Sętowski and many other artists. We also invest in young, recognizable painters, including Paweł Kałużyński. Our collection also includes watercolor works by French artists from Seychelles and original Polish posters from the years 1960 – 1990. We have over 80 original, rare posters, valued at around USD 25,000. Our collection also includes rare coins, photographs, collector’s notes, stamps, drawings and autographs of famous people from around the world. Our entire collection is worth approximately USD 250,000, not a huge sum, but it is a testament to the passion and the interesting investment portfolio of our shareholders. We are constantly developing the collection, believing that the real value is the energy emanating from the works of art we own and the satisfaction of people who are the part of our company, thanks to whose efforts our collection is being expanded with new artifacts.

We invite all young artists to cooperate. We believe that our passion and their talent can go hand in hand not only in the form of a good, interesting investment, but also as an example and confirmation that beautiful things and their energy bring a lot of joy to both their buyers, creators and all interested enthusiasts around. It is good to work in the surroundings of beauty because it born the beautiful minds.

Selected positions in the collection:

Salvador Dali, Minotaur, 1981 – brąz