Natural resources trade

During the last 10 years of operation, we built a team of natural resources traders and logistics experts experienced in global market.

We provide to our Clients coal, crude oil, metals and many different natural resources always delivering the right mix when needed and choosing the right financial instruments for each transaction.

Since 2020 we are not only the suppliers, but we also support our Clients in identifying the final customers and negotiating with them the terms of order, payment and delivery. We specialize in long-term contracts but also coordinate spot transactions.

Very often, we combine trade with storage of goods, handling of transshipments and handling of financial products accompanying trade transactions.

We work transparently, caring for the comfort of our customers, we serve their needs on an ongoing basis, facing the challenges caused by the fuel market and political decisions. Every day is a different day in the oil and natural resources sector, but appropriate logistics solutions is our answer to manage the instability and unpredictability of this segment.

We deliver the coal and other natural resources products to many Clients in Poland, Europe and Asia.