GCC AMOS AG Oil Trade Partnership

Activities related to servicing the fuel market by ACCURETTA TRADE are conducted only outside of Poland, in cooperation with our priority partner in the fuel trade segment, the German-American AMOS group.

The global segment of fuel trade knows no borders, which is why our operations in Europe, Kazakhstan and Israel are complemented by commercial cooperation with the GCC countries. Together with our partner in Egypt and Dubai – ACCESS Middle East Oil Services, we are currently preparing for intensive trade cooperation in the field of purchase of low Sulphur diesel fuel products, as well as regular LNG deliveries from Egypt to terminals in Europe and Great Britain.

Our operations in the GCC and North Africa market have so far been based on spot trial orders, and our volume of deliveries has not exceeded 6-8 thousand tons of fuels per year. Currently, together with our partner AMOS AG, we are preparing our team, customers, and infrastructure for regular deliveries of many different fuel products in quantities of approximately 2 million tons per year. The assortment will be supplemented with LNG in quantities not exceeding 30 million Mbtu per year.

The project has started, and the first trial orders have been delivered, 2023 is an economy of scale year and the time for implementation of previous efforts and successful trials. We are currently acquiring new partners, financing and insurance institutions and verifying the correctness of our activities, in order to achieve the assumed results and reach top-shelf clients whose credibility is recognized by the international banks and financing institutions cooperating with us.