Energy from Waste – set of SPVs with GridPowr Ltd.

We have been operating in the renewable energy sector for several years, which is why in 2021 a dedicated ACCURETTA GREEN company was established dealing only with this aspect. As a result of our activities, we acquired a British-Swiss partner – GRIDPOWR company, which is the owner of the technology for waste gasification in a very ecological way.

Together, we established 6 special purpose vehicles, which are tasked with the development and construction of 4 installations for gasification of waste in Poland, coordination of fuel logistics and conducting regular researches related to the development of technology. The research will be conducted in Poland and its results will be implemented in GRID POWR installations around the world.

Companies for EfW projects were established in cooperation not only with GRID POWR, but also with investors from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Together, we want to develop further initiatives not only in Poland but also in other European countries and in North Africa, especially in Egypt.

Appropriate meetings have already been held in this regard.

Our flagship project in Poland is the POLICE project, where we are planning our first EfW investment. This project involves cooperation with both GRIDPOWR and our German-American investor AMOS GROUP.

Since its inception, ACCURETTA GREEN has also signed contracts with many partners, including project engineers and EPC companies from Poland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The technology for each of the projects has also been secured in the form of an appropriate agreement. The history of our company ACCURETTA GREEN, although short, is based on a decade of experience of the entire group in the RES segment. The great support is also coming from the best experts on the market.

Now it’s time for success!