Business consulting

Business development abroad

We are not ashamed of our origin; we are very proud of the fact that we come from Central Europe, Eastern Poland. Here we started, and thanks to determination and hard work we managed to achieve success.

We have always wanted to share our achievements, which is why we decided to offer a similar development path to the strong local companies among which we grew up. We offer them a complex support service when entering their goods into foreign markets where we feel good and safe. This service has become very popular, which is why we have extended it to other European countries. Today, we introduce many Clients from Europe to Africa, to Middle East countries, to India, USA and Asia.

The customer will always find an interesting, good-quality product, but before this happens, the most important thing is to establish appropriate relationships, adapt to the local business culture in the given country or the individual legal or commercial specificity on the final market.

We are the best in this area, and we want to develop further in this direction.
Join us, it’s worth.

Development is our mission

As a result of many of our activities on the international market, relations with respected companies and people have emerged, for whom cooperation with us has become a real and interesting form of development.

Many of our foreign partners share our optimism and recognize the investment potential of Central and Eastern Europe, but they do not have adequate local partners and do not know how to approach to them effectively and most important, in the safe way. And here we enter with the network of trusted contacts from various segments, leading a foreign clients by the hand until choosing the right partner for them. This service works both ways, with the consequence that there is a group of clients from Europe who are looking for suitable partners from a similar segment in Africa, Asia, America or in the GCC area. They do not have time for mistakes or failures related to the wrong choice, they are looking for 100% certainty that their partner will meet all business expectations and that is why they prefer to entrust us with seeking such a partner.

We organize many business missions, trips, seminars and business meetings, of which a very important element is networking, which, when properly coordinated, allows our clients to establish cooperation with the best partners, effective distributors and loyal customers at the other end of the world.

Strategies and business plans

Many of our clients come to us with a noteworthy idea, but requiring the preparation of many documents, plans, calculations, tests, research, and simulations. These are necessary actions to obtain bank finance, a partner or a private investor. Customers often do not have time to acquire the necessary competences in this area and prefer to focus on what they can do best in their segment in which they have already achieved success. In our opinion, this is a very good decision that saves time, funds and, above all, does not introduce disorganization and chaos to the client’s structure. The client who comes to us with such an order is for us a very mature client. This limits the failure of the project in many cases.

The current decade has surprised us all with prices in the fuel markets, political instability in the world and turmoil in the global economy caused by the virus CODIV-19, local wars, and energy crisis. This situation requires immediate response, correction of adopted strategies and practical actions that we gladly undertake for our clients. In our opinion to have a plan is the best plan.