Aero & marine

The ACCURETTA Group specializes in the implementation of comprehensive commercial projects on an international scale, focusing on the segment of natural resources and selected sectors of strategic goods. The activity of ACCURETTA TRADE is supplemented by projects in the field of renewable energy sources, which are implemented in a separate company – ACCURETTA GREEN. Both companies complement each other, creating an interesting portfolio of an international group.

In both business segments, there was a need to support ongoing projects with the use of drones. Drone filming services have been ordered so regularly since 2020 that the ACCURETTA group decided to create a new AERO brand. The main goal of the new ACCURETTA AERO brand is to provide services consisting in supporting projects implemented in the ACCURETTA group using drones.

ACCURETTA AERO also provides its services to external entities with a business profile similar to the companies in our group. We use civil and military drones of the best quality, combined with the efficient cameras with high optical zoom, radiometric sensors, including many multispectral and analytical features.

Our flying sets weigh from 3 to 15kg, depending on the equipment, and thanks to the use of many additional accessories, the range of flights out of sight exceeds 6km. Our drone sets can be used both in strong wind and other extreme weather conditions, also at night. The efficiency of flights is ensured by the appropriate software and numerous software and advanced accessories analyzing the image, atmospheric air composition, photos and recorded video material.

ACCURETTA MARINE is the result of passion for the sea, freedom, and long journeys of the founder of the group. As a result, a dedicated brand was created, the aim of which is to promote the development of a business knowledge and participation in specialized training in the field of entrepreneurship, while spending time in the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean, all on board of one of several luxury yachts.

The definition of luxury in this case is safety, reliability, and unsinkability of units above all, but safety is our priority. In addition, a good kitchen, a spacious cabin, the ability to use many amenities on board, or relax through sport. And all this combined with the possibility of learning to control a yacht and studying safety rules at the sea. Precise maneuvering in European ports, recognizing weather changes, or self-exploration of countless port cities, small and large, familiar, and completely new. Peace, relaxation, knowledge, and adventure. With family, with colleagues from work or with friends, or maybe relaxing in a smaller group? The range of services and the fleet of our vessels will appear soon on our dedicated website.

At present, we are working on selecting the best units and the crew. Our sea enthusiasts crew-members are skippers and licensed ocean captain. Their qualifications are supplemented with many additional skills in the field of short and long range radio, navigation, meteorology, radar operation, yacht installations and engines service, and above all, they graduated of many certified practical training in the field of safety at the sea.

The base of our units will be located in Gdańsk and in the Peloponnese in Greece, depending on the Customer’s disposal and preferences. We want to fill the gap in the business training market and combine them with adventure, leisure, and a series of meetings with interesting personalities, ready to share their experiences and knowledge in business and more. We will provide the comprehensive service, but we will not take away the desire of our Clients to do something new and interesting. We will motivate you in a way that you are not used to, we will infect you with our curiosity about the world, and we will show you how to turn professional burnout into passion and pleasure from work and life. More details soon.