Oil & gas

For many years, ACCURETTA TRADE, through its own activities, its shareholders, and partners, has been operating on the liquid gas and crude oil fuels market in many different places around the world, except of Poland. For some time, using our experience and relationships, we have also been operating on the natural gas market, believing that it is a clean and energy-efficient fuel which should be dedicated to existing infrastructure in Europe and should be also defined as an important energy transformation factor on the European market.

We operate over political divisions, focusing on the comprehensive and professional supply of gas and crude oil, along with the accompanying transfer services, trade finance and coordination of other set of services necessary to finalize the sale of fuel at the best prices and payment conditions.

We focus on large wholesale contracts, cooperating with companies from the private and public sectors. We employ the best specialists in Germany, Nederland, North America and UK. Our vision of Europe is a green continent, based on renewable energy solutions in 80% before 2050. Currently, we are all going through a difficult period of energy transformation, we are moving away from black fossil fuels. However, based on the opinions of specialists and our experience, we know that a gas and light crude oil is the best solution that can help Europe to survive the transformation period in a way that is compatible with nature, affordable for people and its transfer is based on the existing infrastructure.

Our goal is a clean Europe for future generations, but at the same time we have to keep energy prices at a level that will help the current generation to function in these difficult times. We constantly work on appropriate logistics, financial and transfer solutions for our fuels. That is why a dozen pf people in our group are working on solutions that will keep the energy for Europe cheap, clean and not absorbing in terms of exploring new lands on the planet.

The future of Europe is a renewable energy, but the transformation can only be successful if we keep investing in the renewable solutions for the next 20 years, sourcing the energy from clean and already proven units at the same time, for which infrastructure has been built and adjusted in Europe over the past decades. The answer is a professional approach to cheap and efficient transfer and distribution.

We are proud to be part of a process that has such a large and positive impact on most of the citizens and companies in Europe. Except of regular trading projects, we also work on the infrastructural hub for the fuel transfer between Europe and Asia. More about this project you can read at RED SEA OIL GROUP link.