Intership program

ACCURETTA TRADE is developing its structure in accordance with the assumed strategy. It is very hard work, but it brings expected financial results, which is why our organization takes social responsibility issues very seriously as one of the priorities in our development. As a result, the investors and partners of ACCURETTA TRADE decided to start an internship program for students from Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Egypt and Turkey.

Internships take place in our office in Poland and are very often combined with many visits to our divisions and partners in the USA, Europe, the Persian Gulf and Africa.

The internship lasts from 3 to 6 months, sometimes it takes place as a result of established cooperation program with the University where the candidate study, in some cases the candidates are selected in a competition, and in some they apply themselves and after passing the appropriate verification they start the internship.

For each apprentice, an individual path of learning and participation in projects is prepared, adequate to the talents and specialization of the trainee. Permanent cooperation is established with the best trainees, after the successful completion of the internship.

Interns from United Kingdom 

The candidates of the internship program from Great Britain participated in particular in projects in the finance and real estate sectors. At the turn of 2018/2020, 5 people from England and 2 more from Wales took part in the program. The internships took place in Lublin and lasted for 3 months. At the moment, 2 people from Great Britain who have completed the internship work in our group on a permanent basis.

Interns from Ukraine 

Most Ukrainian students, apart from their native language, also speak Polish, Russian and English, they are very ambitious and hardworking people, mostly ready for challenges and independent decision-making work, in the last 3 years our group has accepted 14 interns from Ukraine.

Interns from Azerbaijan 

Last year, we had the honor of hosting 2 interns from Azerbaijan who speak fluent Russian and Turkish, which helped us a lot to handle projects from this region of the world. We are currently at the stage of preparing documentation, including visas, for the continuation of the internship program with Azerbaijan.

Interns from Turkey 

Turkey is a very important partner for ACCURETTA. It is here in Adana and in Istanbul that we conducted projects in the field of trade and logistics services between Turkey and Europe. Our official partner PANFRUTY Co. is also located in Adana, who runs the representative office of our company for Turkey, Azerbaijan and other Turksoy countries. We have been organizing internships for Turkish students for 4 years, internships are held in Adana and Lublin.

Interns from Egypt 

We believe that Egyptian students are very hardworking, know foreign languages and can find their way in Western culture without any problems. Many of them participated in our program for students, some did their internships in our office in Saudi Arabia, some traveled to other African countries and some to Poland. We are currently running a recruitment program for more interns from Alexandria and Cairo.

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