The structure

Our priority is a natural resources trade, this is our main goal and the base for most of our projects but 12 years ago we added to our portfolio the renewable investments. At the same time a different division of our group started with the trade in fresh fruits and vegetables, then we added to our portfolio agricultural machinery and many agricultural products. As a result, a dedicated company with Polish capital and investors from GCC and Africa was incorporated in our group. The next stage of development was the international real estate market in Poland, Germany and the United States. We specialize in luxury real estate transactions, hotels, and industrial projects of significant value. This is one of our investment activities. In addition, we invest in industry and in stable energy projects. We carry out this type of investment activities especially in Poland and Africa. For several years, we’ve been supporting a group of start-up companies in our structures, supporting their development on the green energy market. In 2018 the hydrogen production and projects were added to our portfolio.

Based on the acquired knowledge and competences of senior level team members and partners, we have started to provide a CONSULTING services. The consultancy initially covered fossil fuel trade projects, then transport projects, in particular rail and truck transport, and finally we reached the agricultural projects, servicing the investment in hundreds of hectares of modern and efficient orchards based on Italian technology and located in Poland. Then, a project of several hundred hectares of blueberry farm joined our portfolio, export of grain to Africa and trial energy plantations in Central Europe for our Client from Norway was the next step.

Our structure is constantly evolving, but as we pointed out at the very beginning, we come from the NATURAL RESOURCES TRADE sector, and although the diversification in our group includes many different segments, we are primarily traders and developers, based on knowledge and relationships with our clients, partners and all companies and institutions we deal with in a regular way. We are professionals and we always set ourselves the goal of meeting customer expectations and striving for the best quality in all sectors in which we operate.

The Structure of ACCURETTA Group and its partners