Global projects with local partnership

Audits and financial services

As a result of comprehensive service for international Clients, many of them also commission ACCURETTA to prepare the financial side of each transaction. Especially if you are a Western company investing in Central Europe, Africa or Asia.

Our services are not limited only to price negotiations and support in achieving the final transaction price that satisfies both parties. After reaching a price compromise, at the request of the Client, we often proceed to advanced audits regarding the situation of the subject of the transaction, financial simulations, financial and credit projections and simulations regarding the best credit and development options, as well as mixes of these options. We perform most of these tasks ourselves, the rest with the support of local companies and external experts with whom we cooperate.

Financing the transaction is also the organization of tax optimization issues for each purchase. If necessary, we help in the appropriate organization or reorganization of entities involved in the transaction, transform companies and organize appropriate global structures that help optimize each large transaction. Hand in hand with tax optimization is always the organization of the security of each investment and the finances involved in it. To achieve the highest investment security, some transactions are carried out through subsidiaries and in the form of loans secured by a mortgage, pledge or appropriate transaction guarantees and insurance. Our group provides all the above-mentioned services to its international Clients by the support of our local partners located globally.

In order to provide all the above-mentioned services and many others necessary for the comprehensive implementation of the transaction, ACCURETTA cooperates with many banks, funds and structures financing many different business segments.

Agro production project

At the request of and in partnership with our Client, the ACCURETTA undertook to obtain funding for an American blueberry farm with a target size of approximately 1000 ha.

The farm will be managed by the experienced specialists, it will apply comprehensive solutions consisting in the use of its own green energy sources, its own cold store, sorting plant and the principles of ecological cultivation, with control and support from science and the latest technology. The farms will be located in Poland and Slovakia, and the production will be distributed on the Polish market as well as in Asia and Western Europe. Preparations for financing the investment took over 3 years, the total CAPEX is over EUR 50 million, the investment will be implemented in stages, the land for the investment has already been selected and secured. The investment is the local idea and will be implemented under the supervision of a local expert, who currently has over 170 ha of a similar plantation in eastern Poland. The planned farm will be distinguished by innovation, efficiency and, above all, the use of natural methods and ecological solutions.

Estate investment projects

Poland has become a very interesting country for our Clients when it comes to real estate investments, especially luxury and boutique properties, because of our presence in Northern America, real estate from Florida, California and Eastern Canada have been added to our investment package.

We have a portfolio of investors from South Africa, North Africa, we cooperate with capital from the Persian Gulf and funds from Scandinavia, as well as with a network of individual investors from North America and Asia. Our proposal is very extensive and varies in amount. For some investors, we have prepared small spot programs with a value not exceeding USD 5,000,000 and large package investment projects with the investment value exceeding several hundred million dollars.

The PREMIUM real estate market in our group is serviced by qualified specialists with appropriate licenses and qualifications, both in the United States and Central Europe. Additionally, we work with the best offices and brokers of luxury real estate, offering our Clients a very lucrative positions outside the market. The Consortium takes the role of not only a real estate agent, we specialize in providing the comprehensive services to our Clients, also helping in the establishment of appropriate structures, preparation of formalities and, in some cases, management of purchased real estate on behalf of the client.

Economic missions project

Since 2015, ACCURETTA has organized a number of economic missions for clients from Great Britain, India and Poland. The most frequent destinations are: United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavian countries, Greece, Ukraine, Singapore, Israel, USA, and Tunisia. All visits are organized in the cooperation with our partners from the counties listed above.

By 2022, at least 25 group business trips were organized for our Clients, who represented the following segments: furniture, agricultural production, production of dietary supplements, production of agricultural machinery, agricultural production, food trade, chemical production and trade, fertilizer production, investments in luxury and industrial real estates. The Clients that use our services are mostly sales departments, development, and sales directors of medium-size companies. In some cases, we organize the missions of several companies at the same time to decrease the costs, and at the request of some Clients, these are individual trips, during which we take care of one Client exclusively.

The business trips are very intense, often consisting of 6-8 meetings each day from the early morning up to late evening. The trip takes 2 to 4 days depending on the prepared strategy. The visit is always preceded by a few weeks of preparations, correspondence and the preparation of strategic documents that are signed at the meetings.

As a result of the business trips: trade agreements, distribution agreements, cooperation agreements, strategic letters of intent and other documents are signed between our Clients and the companies representing the new local marketa. As an effect of the organization of many economic missions, the ACCURETTA gained the new customers, new partners and the possibility to operate the contracts signed between Polish and foreign companies, in terms of logistics, distribution, financing or trade.

Funding and financial sectors

Cooperation with funds is a completely separate sector of our activity, unfortunately, due to the signed confidentiality agreements, we cannot describe exactly what funds we cooperate with, but the general structure of this cooperation is presented below:

The funds with which we have signed agreements specialize in financing the following segments: renewable energy, real estate, trading in oil and other raw materials, infrastructure projects. We use funds operating globally, based in Africa, Europe and Asia. Each of them has very individual requirements and expectations as to the rate of return, risk, territoriality of the project or people involved in the project. Additionally, the verification and evaluation of the project looks completely different in each case. Therefore, ACCURETTA also specializes in adjusting projects, the business plans and financial assumptions to the expectations of each different fund.

In practice, our activities consist in intermediation between the project owner and the fund, conducting negotiations between the investor and the project owner, securing the project in the form of necessary guarantees, pledges, mortgages or insurance. Additionally, our group is very often responsible for the implementation of monitoring in the financed project on behalf of the fund.
In the event that the project from our Client is too risky, but still attractive for the fund, the fund grants loans or financial guarantees directly to us. In turn, our group, using up to 20% of own funds and up to 80% of the investor’s fund, co-finances the project for the Client. Taking responsibility for the investment, in this model we become co-investors and co-owners of the project.

Cooperation with funds is also a need for the right people in the team who monitor projects on a daily basis in terms of achieving appropriate results and money distribution. This requires appropriate certification, trainings and the maintenance of the best financial specialists in our team, which we have implemented and have been working with since 2017.