Strategy of cooperation with Tunisia approved by each side, after 2 years of negotiations, we are ready!

Tunisia is our second destination in North Africa that we explored right after Egypt. Years later, we managed to select the most trusted partner with whom we have been trying to obtain government permits for projects of interest to us for a long time.
The first project entails the export of RDF fuel from the UK to Tunisia, where the fuel will be used to power several industrial installations in northern Africa. The product is compressed and will be used as fuel in eco-friendly installations. All regular deliveries will be made under the control of international institutions that will ensure that RDF is properly handled.
The second project concerns the import of the highest quality powdered milk to Tunisia, which is currently produced in Poland, and in Africa it will be utilized as an ingredient in many food products and infant milk recipes. The project assumes comprehensive deliveries of a product with appropriate specifications in the amount of up to 30-35 containers per year. The third project is trade in used cars and agricultural machinery, which also come from Central Europe, in many cases from Poland. The machines will be partially disassembled, placed in containers and then reassembled on an assembly line in North Africa. These operations will be co-financed from Tunisia’s public funds and loans from international institutions.