W2E – construction of ecological RDF-fired CHP plants

We engaged a team of 4 people who had traveled over 12,000 km for 4 months, visiting 17 communes with which correspondence was previously conducted. The perfect preparation of an experienced team had an amazing effect. At present, 5 communes have confirmed their interest in the project, and another 7 are analyzing our investor’s proposals on council meetings. During this time, we analyzed the available connection capacities of the national energy operators and prepared fuel analyzes along with several logistics variants.

The project will be formally launched in September 2021, when our investor will personally visit each of the municipalities and start negotiations on the schedule and terms of cooperation. Our investor is prepared to finance each investment in 100%. In total, 4 investments are planned in municipalities, 3MW each, and one investment on a plot of a private partner in the north of Poland, approximately 20 MW.

The experience in servicing the previous partner from the renewable energy sector helped us shorten the development time to a minimum and warn an English investor from making mistakes on the Polish market as other unaware foreign investors make.

Our over 30 MW portfolio will be fully allocated in the planned time, because, what surprised us very positively, almost all municipalities in Poland have and understand the problem of waste, and our solutions are not only necessary for them, but also attractive in terms of business.