Fresh funding from UK

In simple terms, we can say that we are back in the game, many commercial projects, which needed large funds for a number of transactions carried out in a very short time, were suspended for long months, the pandemic blocked the possibility of fast, safe and profitable transactions for investors. Currently, the situation is back to normal from 2019, when such transactions were carried out almost daily, in consultation with our investors.

In addition, the quarters of downtime have changed the attitude of investors, now, to make up for the lost turnover, they offer much better conditions than in the times before the pandemic. Long-term transactions have also become easier in the context that Poland is once again considered as a place for investment.

At the moment (May 2021) we are in talks with 2 British funds regarding the financing of several commodity trade projects and the purchase of a large tourist property for own account, using an attractive interest rate loan.