Purchase of steel from North Africa

One of our Clients, who hired us a few years ago to organize a trade mission to Egypt and Turkey, asked us to verify the market of steel manufacturers in North Africa, because the metal offered in Europe became too expensive to use in the production of the assortment for this specific Customer.

Unfortunately, due to the export duties, we had to reject the Turkish offer and we focused on Egypt and Tunisia. The steel had to be of a very specific parameters and documentation, the Customer also expected a guarantee for the material and organization of deliveries to Europe by the manufacturer from Africa, which was quite a challenge, as most of the goods are sold at the ex-works.

We managed to convince the manufacturer to organize a unique test transport and earlier sending material samples. The responsibility of our Consortium focused on obtaining the appropriate documents for the exported goods and creating an appropriate payment model that would secure both parties. Previously, we had to send properly constructed inquiries on behalf of the Client and verify the best bidders. Of course, we could only rely on our trusted partners from Africa, due to the restrictions accompanying the CODIVD-19 virus, any travel was impossible. We succeeded, from 3 offers we selected the optimal 2 and then, after price and logistics negotiations, the final offers, both parties involved decided to accept majority of our terms. The transport will take place using a 20-foot container and will take less than 2 weeks, at the same time a letter of credit securing payments will be issued. We count on constant cooperation between Clients, and we will support the chain of supply on a regular basis.