New partner on board

The company will deal with the implementation of necessary ecological solutions in various industry segments on specific markets. The main assumption of the company is to operate through sustainable development, interfering with local ecosystems, as is the case with aggressive foreign corporate investors. The mission of the Amos Green company is to focus on the local closed circuit and use all its advantages to implement efficient solutions that serve the economy and do not disturb the life and interests of local residents.

The company has an appropriate strategy and capital to implement this strategy within the assumed time frame. The company intends to combine investment and commercial activities and apply the latest technologies in projects that have already started.

We keep our fingers crossed for our new partner, while supporting them in many large projects planned for this and next years. The cooperation looks really promising, especially when using the knowledge and relations of the best experts who have joined Amos Green in recent weeks. As a result, all activities of the company, unlike the competition, will solve problems of local governments, not create them. The company will operate globally, however, the positive results of its activities will be visible locally and available to ultimate beneficiaries in everyday life.