Our Consortium coordinates the market entry of another customer from China

Not only Europe is looking for channels to reach China, but Chinese investors are also eager to invest in the old continent. The whole process always starts with finding a way to reach the most recommended consultants. Once they are found, then the negotiations begin. It is a very long, step-by-step process that requires not so much patience as knowledge of the rules of such negotiations.

Then the Client expects ready solutions, which he accepts or not, in most cases he is against, at least at the very beginning, only subsequent rounds of explanations convince him to accept our strategy, at least partially.

Implementation is the most time-consuming and stressful factor, the Client often expects immediate results, in the event that they appear slower than imagined, the Client demands immediate changes and more aggressive behavior in the market. This does not always work, especially when the change is unexpected and surprising in content. But the Client always has the right to implement the strategy that is culturally closest to him, even if it seems too risky and unstructured to us.

The process described above is accompanied by frequent additional negotiations and renegotiations of the terms agreed between the Chinese customer and the European customer or recipient of the goods. It is not easy for a consultant to find himself in such a situation, especially if he is invited to the table by the Principal only in crisis situations.

This was the process of introducing our next Chinese Client to the European market. We have gained a lot of knowledge and great respect for the risky but well-thought-out strategy that our Client has decided to choose. Fortunately, our Client, despite a very strong attitude in the negotiations, also expressed his admiration for our actions. After finalizing the transaction, it turned out that the Client, due to the nature of the cooperation, was previously rejected by several large consulting companies, to which he pushed after their joint success. He also admitted that he is part of a huge Chinese energy holding company that has already planned further projects in Europe with our support! We cannot reveal any more details apart from the fact that the cooperation was very lucrative in financial terms.