Further projects on the territory of GCC approved in the budget for 2021

The beginning of our business with Muslim countries was cooperation with Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and then Saudi Arabia. However, all our partners from these countries have always had a branch in Dubai. Over time, business meetings also moved to Dubai, which was a logistical aid for everyone and allowed to save a lot of time and spend an extra few moment in a pleasant, sunny and, above all, safe place.

Dubai has always been treated by all of us as a business-friendly place, often more liberal and administratively favorable to business than London or New York.

The period of quarantine and business isolation due to corona-virus gave us the opportunity to return to the analysis of several projects that were previously shelved. In retrospect, they have become very interesting for us and our Clients, and the assumptions and ideas presented there suddenly became an ideal alternative to investing in a pandemic.

The signed documents do not allow us to explain too much detail at this stage of the project, but we are pleased to announce that we have managed to create a model in which we have combined 2 interesting projects of cooperation between Eastern Europe and GCC Countries through the Hub in Dubai.

The office in Dubai will support business from both destinations using the appropriate online and offline tools. Additionally, as usual, our knowledge and experts operating the project will play a key role. More information in Q2 2021!