Cooperation with a large German partner: 3,2,1 start!

Our Consortium specializes in servicing large projects, in some cases we are an investor ourselves, but industrial and investment projects in which we participate require large enough budgets that we need a partner.

After many months of talks, we decided to cooperate with a German company that comes from the crude fuel trading segment and has free access to investors from the same segment in various places around the world, offering quite flexible cooperation schemes.

The verification process was quite complicated, we were subjected to many audits and many weeks of analysis by external companies, finally our partner decided to trust us and cooperate. As a result, we got access to investors from our German partner. We can present our and our Clients’ projects to them, applying for their financing. We also have the option to offer partnerships in ongoing commercial and investment projects and apply for such partnership in projects run by our partner.

As a result, our database of ongoing projects and potential proven investors has increased, thanks to which applying for funds will become faster and procedures less complicated. The first joint projects have already been laid on the table, the most difficult will be the selection of those in 2021, due to pandemic constraints. The most important thing is that a new partner has joined the board, and his experts, to whom we will also have unlimited access, will be a great support for us.