Professional waste transport, new directions

Our Client in Great Britain uses several ports where units are loaded and then reach the end recipient. So far, these have been cement-production plants in the GCC countries and several other destinations.

Our Consortium, after almost one year of negotiations and market research, signed contracts with new customers in the North and West Africa. In addition, we were responsible for selecting loading and unloading ports, preparing and securing the wharf infrastructure and temporary warehouses for collecting RDF for loading according to schedules.

It took us the most time to prepare appropriate documentation, verifying each stage of loading and unloading RDF. At the same time, we carried out product certification according to the final recipient’s requirements and developed procedures according to international requirements, taking into account additional standards. As of today, we are 100% sure that each RDF bale delivered to the end customer has been and will be used as energy fuel, and the evidence in the form of certificates will always be verified by independent external institutions.

New directions also mean responsibility to the local community, very often the RDF export contract provides for the construction or addition of new power units, thanks to which it will be possible to increase the exported volume of RDF. It is also an additional promise of investments, new jobs and the implementation of new ecological and effective technological solutions in the host countries. Let’s start!