Analysis of the benefits of investment in Poland, another investor report approved

South Africa invests a lot in Poland. In 2019, it was over $ 3 billion in investments, especially in the real estate sector. Companies located in South Africa often represent capital from Central Africa, Russia and Israel, employing a very experienced team of managers from around the world.

Our Principal, whose name we are obliged to keep secret, found us on the recommendations of our other Clients, which was our greatest reward. Then, after a few meetings, he presented an outline report of his needs. The requirements were very detailed and comprehensive at the same time, and as always, we had little time to prepare the document.

In addition, the Client requested for foreigners participate in the preparation of the report, who in the form of „mysterious customer” were to obtain as much information as possible from Polish state institutions serving foreign investors and check their practicality.

The greatest emphasis was placed on the analysis of tax issues and the possibility of obtaining potential tax reliefs in this direction. Then the Principal expected us to build an investment strategy and return the invested capital in no more than 5 years.

The analysis covered simulations of some sample segments in Poland and all the risks associated with these segments in terms of historical, practical, tax, potential return and the time of its achievement. The Client expected not theoretical legal advice, but facts and real business scenarios for which the author will take responsibility, especially in the model in which he will supervise the implementation of the investment.