Revision of trade plans in the face of the second wave of the pandemic

Shipments to India almost impossible, pandemic delays like the 1970s. For the first time in our history, we dealt with the closure of the port and long-term quarantine of goods. The latest IT solutions used in logistics on a daily basis did not help. The situation was beyond all parties to the contract.

Egypt and all of North Africa reacted similarly. Due to the daily, regular trade exchange, we were convinced that all the certificates and sanitary requirements implemented so far will allow us to continue cooperation regardless of the development of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we were wrong, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped food trade, not totally, but delays and additional restrictions significantly hinder logistics and increase shipping costs.

We encountered the greatest difficulties in trade relations with Asia, especially when the food products ended their journey in Europe. In some cases, the goods were even disposed of, especially if they came from China. We had to renegotiate or completely close relations with Asian suppliers, which in correspondence conditions, without face-to-face meetings, was a very big challenge, especially taking into account the fact that we could not spoil good relations, which will be necessary to resume trade in the future.

This is how August 2020 began, we are dealing with the culmination of events throughout the year and the aftermath of restrictions related to the COVID-19 theme. Despite the mess and uncertainty about what will happen next week, we encounter a lot of kindness from contractors, as they themselves are in the same situation. Suddenly, business was in second place, everyone cares about relationships, we also try to support our regular partners and balance the sad situation on the market with maintaining relationships that are very important to us, because in a breakdown such as a pandemic, everyone prefers to rely on good relations with partner than on Force Majeure.