Metal trading project launched

Our company decided to handle trade, logistics as well as legal and financial issues in the trade of copper between producers, their dealers, traders and end recipients in Asia and Northern Europe.

We are currently coordinating 2 commercial projects between producers in America and Africa and recipients in Asia and Europe.

The nature of the project related to the Buyer from Europe is typically commission-based, where we work with a trader who distributes the goods offered by our Client on his own account. In turn, trade with Asia is more advanced, where our service is comprehensive.

The first batch was a trial batch consisting of 2 containers, then a 12-month contract was signed. We encountered many challenges, such as product and parties registration on the LME exchange, conversion of a letter of credit to revolving credit and the use of additional bridging products to liquidate payments.

The biggest challenge was logistics, as we decided to continue deliveries in containers, of which we needed an excess of 400 per month. Normally it would be a huge challenge, but in this strange year the pandemic has unexpectedly helped. The changes on the market caused by the virus contributed to the oversupply of containers, which was extremely easy to secure for the duration of the entire contract, usually securing even 50 containers is almost a miracle.