Managing online trade and logistics is not an easy task

Despite pandemic constraints, our Consortium continues to support commercial projects that started in 2019 or earlier. Unfortunately, with each month, 2020 brought new restrictions and exclusions. September 2020 looks critical. On a daily basis, in the event of organizational or logistical problems, we solve them physically by tracking the goods at every stage of transport and meeting with logistics specialists, in the region or in the place where the problem occurred more than once or occurs regularly.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible, all matters are dealt with by correspondence or by phone, the multitude of delays and dismissals of staff, also in the transport segment, caused a large traffic jam, in which subsequent shipments are drowning. There is no alternative in this situation and the best solution in this case, we are simply trying to limit the movement of goods that are perishable or cannot handle unplanned long-term stops.

We also try to renegotiate and amend the contracts which are most sensitive to our Clients. In most cases, we come to an agreement with our contractors or the Clients we serve, and everyone tries to understand the situation.

Of course, as always, the least understanding are banks, which in many cases, by offering a pair of “flexible” solutions for the Client, add tons of administrative documents to such cases that accompany each change and operation. And each simplification turns into time-consuming documentation, obtaining certificates and making new financial statements, which in many cases is more time-consuming than the current logistical delays.