Initiation of cooperation with PEPSICo

Thanks to our partners from Egypt, we were able to start a cooperation project with one of the leading companies – PEPSICo. Of course, cooperation requires a lot of arrangements and details, but we are hopeful.

The project involves trading in corn and powdered milk, as well as the commencement of commercial cooperation on other products and semi-finished products necessary for the Client.

In the first phase of cooperation, the project will require certification of our suppliers and will be based on finding manufacturers ready to meet the customer’s expectations. This process will be quite time-consuming, but it is necessary for the implementation of long-term cooperation.

At the same time, when we certify suppliers, our company prepares a comprehensive logistics process in which we will be responsible not only for the transport of goods, but also for their storage, delivery to a port in Poland, reloading and safe delivery to the ordering party.

ACCURETTA Consortium will also take full responsibility for verifying the quality of the goods as well as handling and verifying all the conditions of the letter of credit and their fulfillment, in order to release payments to suppliers. In addition, we will handle all documentation of deliveries, taking all responsibility for the formalities accompanying the deliveries.

The real start of regular deliveries is most likely the third quarter of 2021. Earlier, in early 2021, we will deal with organizational issues, and in the second quarter of this year, we will send the first trial batches. Two people were assigned to the project, who previously handled such projects many times.