Preparations for the fuel supplies to China are underway

Chinese refineries began to make group purchases on terms that further aggravated the suppliers. We decided to analyze and understand the market, and then join international trade also in China.

The project will consist in focusing an appropriate volume of raw material from the global market, and then building an efficient distribution corridor along with the preparation of a supply system to China. Due to the large volumes in which the Chinese Client is interested, logistics operations will require the selection of appropriate transshipment ports, storage farms and the provision of appropriate ships for the transport of raw materials at an optimal price.

Details of the project such as the final volume, prices, schedules and delivery ports are confidential, but we are pleased to announce that the project has been approved for funding and is ready to launch. Due to the market turmoil and the pandemic, the project was delayed by several months, allowing us to prepare even more thoroughly for the operation, which will start in 2021.

Our Consortium has selected 7 of its best experts to implement the project, they will be combined with our partner’s experts and will create one large team that will manage the project.

The project provides for the establishment of a new entity and a completely new dedicated organization, the creation of which will be part of our Consortium.