Egypt is open to Polish products again

Egypt was the first African country we started working with. It began with the purchase of several dozen containers of fresh vegetables and fruit per year and their export to Novorossiysk in Russia. We then started exporting Egyptian goods to Ukraine and Europe.

Later, Egypt started buying our Customers’ goods. In the next stage of cooperation, we started trading machines and real estate. Confidence was built, thanks to which regular cooperation developed, also in oil and petroleum trade projects.

Regular cooperation was interrupted by the pandemic, which holted trade and further contracting. Most of the contracts were terminated or, after certain deliveries were made, others were not renewed. This situation lasted for the last 10 months and was not in the hands of either party, but there was no organizational possibility to continue deliveries for each party due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately, the situation improved a few days ago. Our logistics department found a way to properly certify and safely prepare the goods that are the subject of cooperation for shipment, as a result of which the goods do not have to undergo any quarantine, which made the business very risky, and in some cases even unprofitable. From November 2020, regular container shipments will resume.