The situation on the luxury real estate market and the second wave of the pandemic

Regardless of whether we are talking about luxury villas, boarding houses or hotels, we can confidently say that the segment of luxury real estate will always defend itself, also in Poland. It is not only an excellent capital investment, but also an opportunity to survive the crisis in safe and comfortable conditions for the whole family.

At the request of our Clients, we have monitored several selected, top locations in Poland and other European countries.

From 2019 to the 4th quarter of 2020 inclusive, their prices increased on average by up to 7% annually! This applies to both plots, villas and apartments, which were subject to our observations. The most exclusive locations increased in value over 8% a year.

The observations led us, together with our Clients, to conclude that in 2021 dedicated companies will be established in Poland and other countries, which, after granting a loan from investors, will purchase a luxury real estate package, which will be in cooperation with top architects/designers then be renovated.

The properties will be equipped at the highest level and then offered to top-class clients in Norway, the USA, North Africa and Great Britain.

Our Consortium will be responsible for the selection of elite properties, their renovation, equipment and further sale to foreign investors.