Consortium ACCURETTA employees and partners are taking the final dose of vaccines for 18 different tropical diseases

We work with practitioners, people with many talents who can comprehensively create a business plan, strategy and the necessary advanced calculations, and then implement these plans, responsible for their success in practice.

Such people very often travel to many parts of the world in order to build distribution channels, sign contracts with ports or carriers, identify weak points of a given project, and as a result reduce the risk of failure to a minimum.

There are also problems during the implementation phase, this is natural and in practice means that the project comes to life. However, solving unplanned problems very often means unplanned trips.

We feel obligated to ensure the safety of our experts, therefore, each of them has adopted a comprehensive vaccine package. The package was spread over six months of doses and contained antigens for 18 different diseases that occur in various, exotic places of the world. Vaccinations were accompanied by medical consultations, individual for everyone who received the injections. They were the highest-quality vaccines on the market, used by UN soldiers, diplomats and the top military forces around the world.

Unfortunately, in order to feel 100% safe, we still lack one necessary vaccine in the package – namely the corona-virus vaccine. Therefore, we keep our fingers crossed that it would appear on the market as soon as possible.