Cheap fuel is also needed on the market

Certainly, we will all drive electric cars, fly planes on a completely new, ecological fuel and use media and energy produced without the use of traditional natural resources. This is the future and probably the only alternative for the world. However, does this mean that from tomorrow, each of us will be using Tesla to drive in traffic jams?

Certainly not, this process will take a while. We estimate that it will take another 30 years, and by the time we open champagnes to welcome 2050, the world will consume billions of tons of crude oil.

Fuel got cheaper, but only for a moment, it is a typical proverbial window that opens once in a few decades. The market will refresh the structures and over the next few seasons will return to the position, production and prices, which it will maintain for the next several years.

Together with our partners, we took notice, and quickly reacted to find a place for ourselves and consolidate regular activities, so as to develop a stable position that we will maintain for the next decades.

Our plan is very ambitious, but consistent with the point of view of our partners, pioneers in the crude oil market, with whom we are working on this project.