The Consortium is launching a project to export milk powder to India.

India has for a long time produced enough powdered milk to meet all the local market needs. The shift in this segment came along with the turmoil among producers from Europe, Iran and New Zealand.

Despite the protests of local manufacturers, the Indian government decided to accumulate stocks and import from abroad, providing a tax quota in honor of the volume imported.

And here we decided to take the opportunity to return to the well-known Indian market and introduce Polish, medium-sized powdered milk manufacturers who are able to modify their product and prepare it for the requirements of our Indian buyers.

We believe that due to the quota launched, we will be able to export between 3 and 5 thousand tons of this product in 2021.

Interestingly, a similar situation takes place in several other countries, where we are also currently working on finalizing trial deliveries, so as to be product and logistically prepared for deliveries in 2021.