A new investment project in Asia on the horizon

Singapore to Asia is like London to the UK, it is a trading hub and meeting point for many cultures, investors and segments, probably for all existing industries. So far, in Singapore at the turn of 2015-2020, we have participated in several trade and logistic episodes, we have organized meetings in many chambers, trade offices and business support organizations.

This time, with one of our Clients, we decided to create a hub for Polish business in Singapore, which will handle the affairs of all members of the hub there, representing the following industries from Poland: fresh food, IT solutions in the security and entertainment segment, chemistry, groupage handling and trade in energy resources.

The office, whose employees will speak several languages ​​and will be fluent in Polish and local regulations in Singapore, will be opened to members of our hub. The service will consist of practitioners, and each of our members will have at their disposal a luxurious office space and the experience of our employees and partners.

The hub will be used for trade and services exchange between Poland and East Asia, the business will be coordinated from Singapore.