Official trip to Congo and South Africa – February 2021

In 2018, we started talks with potential partners from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, thanks to which we selected the best of them by mid-2020. In the following years, we invested in the development of these relations, invited guests from the Congo to Poland for study visits, conducted strategic correspondence and held teleconferences for hours. As a result, we managed to jointly develop a strategy that should turn into long-term cooperation. Both parties stated that we will focus on 2 segments: education and commercial.

The first of which will be the implementation of commercial educational programs for young student candidates who want to prepare for their dream studies in Europe. The program will operate in cooperation with many universities in 3 European countries and in Africa. The program is scheduled to start in 2022.

This exclusive project between Europe and Congo, which will be coordinated by our Consortium. In the foreground are: natural resources and food.

Plans for the coming years include the development of renewable energy projects in the Congo.